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Reunion Videos Produced by Nick Matzorkis

ZabaSearch founder Nick Matzorkis has literally reunited millions of long lost friends and family members. He launched US SEARCH in 1994 to offer the public an inexpensive and easy way to find their loved ones. Within 5 years, US SEARCH became the #1 people locator service in the world and had an IPO on the NASDAQ exchange. Determined to bring this opportunity to an even greater number of people, Matzorkis launched ZabaSearch in 2005 to finally make it possible for people to quickly and easily search national public information databases for free to find their long lost friends and family members. In 2013, he created "Find! People Search" to give people the opportunity to search all popular people search engines with one easy click. Nick Matzorkis has personally documented many of the millions of very emotional reunions over the course of the last 20 years that have occurred as a result of the companies he’s created. The six following videos are examples of such reunions from Matzorkis' personal archives.

Lost Family Member Reunion

Mother Daughter Reunion

Lost Friends Reunion

Father Daughter Reunion

Lost Friends Reunion

Father Son Reunion

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