Reunion Videos Produced by Nick Matzorkis in 1996

Nick Matzorkis companies have reunited literally millions of long lost friends and family members. It began in 1993 with his creation of US SEARCH which was the first national people search service offered in the United States and the first people search on the Internet. Within five years US SEARCH established itself as the #1 people locator service in the world and had an IPO on the NASDAQ exchange. Matzorkis would go on to launch PeopleData in 2002 and ZabaSearch in 2005. Find People Search is currently in development which he plans to relaunch 2021-2022. Nick Matzorkis has personally documented many emotional reunions in the nearly three decades he has been reconnecting long lost friends and family members. The following videos are reunions that took place in various locations around the United States in 1996.


Father Son Reunion

Jingle Written & Produced by Nick Matzorkis

Lost Family Member Reunion

Mother Daughter Reunion

Lost Friends Reunion

Father Daughter Reunion

Lost Friends Reunion

Father Son Reunion

1-800-US-SEARCH television advertisements aired over 10,000 times nationally in 1996 on shows such as Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, TODAY, top daytime talk shows, and news networks, etc. Hundreds of billboards were positioned in major markets the same year.

Jay Leno jokes during his Tonight Show monologue in 1996 about the frequency he sees ads for 1-800-US-SEARCH and his idea for a better business.   Alex Trebek jokes live during a Jeopardy broadcast making reference to the 1-800-U.S. SEARCH advertisement that just aired leading into the segment. US SEARCH ads aired daily on Jeopardy for three years.


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